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Pivo tracking does not lock on to subject in a room full of people



  • Official comment

    Pivo can detect all the faces in the that your phone's camera capture. However, Pivo can only track one target at the time. You can however switch the tracking target using the remote control or by tapping on the screen.

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  • Pivo Support

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I am sorry, but Pivo is not able to lock on to one person if there are a lot of people in a room. 

    However, I will pass your feedback on to our team so that we can consider for future development.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or need any further assistance.


    Thank you.  

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  • Sandra Wallrafen

    Guten Abend, genau das würde ich mir auch wünschen. Ich gebe Reitunterricht und es ist nicht immer nur ein Schüler in der Reitbahn...es wäre gut wenn die pivo App nur meinen Schüler verfolgen würde.

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  • lagonbleuanimations

    I just read the comment above. And that poses a big problem for me because I bought 4 pegs express to follow 4 different people. I find this really unfortunate.

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