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Portrait mode?



  • Pivo Support

    Thank you for contacting Pivo. 

    I was wondering if you are referring to using another app to use Pivo. 

    Pivo works with Pivo app, and Pivo is not compatible with other camera apps. 

    When your phone is mounted horizontally in one of the below Quick Create modes, a message will appear telling you to mount your device vertically: Panorama, Many Me50/50Tiny Planet.

    Other than these features, Pivo works in portrait mode. 

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  • Matias Milton Vase

    Hi Ilsim, 

    You might say that I am. However I thought the Pivo app was capable of using the
    camera features of the iPhone (for example) like the portrait mode where the camera
    simulates a low depth of field (blurs the background, creating bokeh etc.) So I'm not really
    referring to the portrait / landscape format - more a camera ''effect'' which I hoped the Pivo 
    app would be able to use as well. 


    Thanks for answering though! :) 

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  • Pivo Support

    Hello Matias Milton,

    Thank you for your response. 

    Pivo Pod is to be used with Pivo App to be able to use its all features. 

    Pivo does not support a low depth of field feature, but I will definitely pass your opinion on to our team for future development. 

    Please let us know if you have any questions or need any further questions.


    Thank you. 

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