Downloading/sharing large files



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    Naomi Shipping

    Hi Wendy,

    There are two options. 

    1. You can Export the file to your smartphone. Here is the article for more info:

    2. Or Share the file over Bluetooth, AirDrop or other applications depending on the device. To share your file, just tap on the icon left from the export icon.

    Please let me know if you have more questions.

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  • Johnvocking

    I have also found that if you use products such as,  OneDrive, Amazon Photos or DropBox, once you have exported the file to photo gallery you can then sync those cloud services and retrieve on other devices.

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  • wendy kenbeek

    Thanks so much guys. I love my pivo! Just recorded our whole gig. Had to turn the face tracking off as someone walked in front of stage and the camera started tracking them back to their seat. Hilarious. 

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  • Naomi Shipping

    Hi Johnvocking,

    Great tip! thanks for sharing :)

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