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    Naomi Shipping

    Hi Leaponover!

    Thank you for posting your suggestions here.

    We're definitely working on improving the resolution for all phones, though it will take some time since there's a large variety of Android devices.

    As for ManyMe, the fisheye effect actually reduces the distortion that occurs due to the rotation. Without it, ManyMe will be stitched with an unproportioned first and last frame. To have the best result with balanced frames, the fisheye effect is needed. To reduce the fisheye effect, we recommend shooting outdoors.

    I hope this clarifies the reason.




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  • Aniela McGuinness

    Hello Pivo,

    I have been playing with the Pivo and trying to utilize it for my public speaking and Toastmasters meetings but a few changes would make the processes much smoother.


    1. Zoom before starting or even better, during a video. While using the camera function on the iPhone, I am able to crop the shot before hand. 

    2. Have the app override the auto-lock function on an iPhone. Before using the app to record a speech, I have to change the settings (if I remember) otherwise the video is interrupted and then left with an error message and becomes unreadable. 

    3. Face-follow function. I was hoping to utilize this for a speech but when I set up the camera and go on stage (even using the remote to hit record), the camera will follow the person introducing me, rather than staying on me. 


    It these changes could be made, Pivo would become my camera robot, as of right now, it is unusable for public speeches. 


    Gratefully Yours,


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  • Naomi Shipping

    Hi Aniela McGuinness,

    Thanks so much for your feedback – we really appreciate your help in making our software better :)


    1. This feature is on our idea board and our developer team is looking into.

    2. We have fixed the bug that allows your phone to go into sleep mode while recording. This issue should be fixed with the newest app version. If you are still having troubles, please submit a bug report as it will provide our developer team with the necessary information.

    3. As we're still working on giving users more control over tracking with the remote, we recommend using Object tracking to track your body as it will less likely loss your tracking.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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